Stephen Evans

Stephen has over 35 years’ experience in compliance supervision, financial crime, and enforcement. Originally from Sydney Australia, Stephen commenced his career with the NSW Police Force and was designated as a Detective working with the major fraud squad. Stephen also worked with the NSW Financial Institutions Commission (FINCOM) as a senior compliance manager involved in prudential supervision. Stephen has also worked with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) as a senior compliance manager, however his interests in investigation and enforcement soon lead him to several senior enforcement management roles, investigating corporate crime.

In 2007 Stephen joined AUSTRAC, Australia’s financial intelligence unit and newly formed AML/CFT regulator, as a Director of Supervision. Stephen was responsible for leading the team in developing, implementing, and managing AUSTRAC's Compliance Operational Framework project to establish the ‘risk based’ supervisory approach for over 17,000 reporting entities across Australia.

In 2010, Stephen moved to Qatar and took on the role as Head of AML/CFT at the QFC Regulatory Authority. Stephen worked on strengthening the QFCRA’s and Qatar’s AML/CFT regime and worked in AML/CFT supervision, as well as being seconded to the National Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Committee “NAMLC” to work on Qatar’s preparation for the FATF mutual evaluation.

Stephen holds several degrees including an Executive MBA, Graduate Certificate in Management, a Bachelor of Policing (Investigations) and an International Diploma in AML/CFT. Stephen is currently completing his Master of Law in Corporate Governance.